Oct 27 2011

VH1 Unplugged Review

We don’t want to give too much about the show away at this juncture, as we’d rather you be able to experience it fresh through your own eyes and ears. That said, we will say this — Kelly looked positively radiant throughout her set, thanks in no small part to her smoky eyes, make-you-melt-in-your-boots eyelashes, sun-kissed hair and, of course, that stunning red bandage dress. As for her songs, well, let’s put it this way: Her setlist was comprised of some songs from her new record, Stronger, some old faves and a surprising cover. And her voice? Sure, it sounds positively fantastic on her studio recordings, but we will attest that it’s another thing entirely to be in the same room as her when she drops the hammer and belts out one of her patented power choruses. We’re talking CHILLS, palpable chills, when she kicks her voice into fifth gear.

When others finally see the light and you’re along in your room just like

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